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Call of Duty

Semper Fi(永远忠诚)——美国海军陆战队





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Despite his junior status at the time of the partnership’s founding, Waterhouse, more than his seniors, was responsible for building the practice into one of the most respected in England. Before Holyland’s retirement in 1871, the partners had forged a strong traditional accounting practice in liquidations, bankruptcies, and arbitrations. In the newer fields of auditing and investigations, developed after the passage of the Companies Act of 1856 and 1862, Waterhouse became a pre-eminent figure who played a leading role in the evolving accounting profession.


The firm’s reputation was closely tied to the professional accomplishments of its partners. Waterhouse’s important achievements began when he accepted the prestigious position of accountant and auditor for the London & North Western Railway. In this capacity, he introduced significant improvements in operating statistics, which aided company personnel in making performance assessments and decisions involving resource allocations. More important, Waterhouse fought, and won against heavy odds, the battle to maintain separate capital from revenue expenditures, a distinction that reduced managerial discretion in reporting level of profits, which had sometimes been inflated to maintain shareholder confidence and the price of stock.


Waterhouse became widely known for his expertise in railroad work. In 1867, he was asked to investigate the accounts of a mismanaged railroad. This experience led to his playing a role the following year in formulating new legislation on railroad finance regulations. During the 1870s, Waterhouse was appointed auditor for several joint-stock banks, including London & Westminister Bank. In that capacity he served jointly with William Turquand, to whom he once had been apprenticed.

Waterhouse因著他在鐵路公司上的工作經驗而廣為人知。1867年,他受命查核一條管理不善的鐵路的帳目。這次經歷讓他在鐵路運輸行業財務條例的制定上發揮了自己的作用。在19世紀70年代,他獲任命為幾家聯營銀行的會計師和審計師,包括倫敦及西敏斯特銀行。他與以前的師傅William Turquand一起履行這些職責。

Price had been deeply involved with the Institute of Accountants in the 1870s until it and other small accounting societies were absorbed into the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales in 1880. Waterhouse emulated his partner’s service to the profession by becoming a founding member of the new Institute. He was active in the Institute for the next 35 years, serving first in Price’s seat on its council from 1887 until 1915 and as president from 1892 to 1894.


Throughout his later life Waterhouse applied his professional skills to public affairs. In 1887, for instance, he served, along with Frederick Whinney, as an adviser to the British government on an accounting reorganization of government departments. He later represented the Institute of Chartered Accountants on a government committee formed to investigate and develop legislation for joint-stock companies, an effort that led to the Companies Act of 1900. When an amendment to the law was being considered in 1906, his appointment to the formulating committee was endorsed by the Accountant magazine, which observed that “no one will be disposed to find fault with the selection of Mr Edwin Waterhouse, whose experience in company matters is unique.”

晚年的Waterhouse把自己的專業技能應用於公共事務上。例如,他在1887年與Frederick Whinney一道擔任英國政府顧問,為政府部門的會計[架構]'重組出謀劃策。後來他又在一個政府特別委員會中代表“特許會計師協會”,該委員會為調查聯營股份公司并研究相關立法而成立,它最終促成了《1900年公司法》的產生。當1906年該法的修正案被提上議事日程時,Waterhouse進入[修正案的]起草委員會的任命受到了“Accountant”雜誌的大力舉薦,稱“選擇Edwin Waterhouse先生[的決定]讓人覺得不可能挑出錯來,他在公司事務上的經驗獨一無二。”

For its first 20 years, PW had only a handful of partners and grew modestly. Revenues from professional work between 1866 and 1887 increased from a little over ?9,000 to about ?15,000 per year. Between 1887 and 1890 there was a sharp rise, from ?14,886 to ?34,509, much of this increase attributable to American work. By 1900, revenues had increased to ?47,842, again largely as a result of opportunities in America.


The principal cause of this unexpected growth clashed squarely with one of Waterhouse’s most cherished tenets, his belief that the partnership should not expand physically outside London. Waterhouse had misgivings about use of the firm’s name on work that was beyond the control of the London office, and he always favored sending assistants to the provinces rather than opening new offices, in order to ensure uniform standards of practice and ethics. Opening an office in the United States would provide the exception, as well as an exceptional opportunity, but within Britain, Waterhouse’s policy remained intact for more than a decade. The first PW office outside London – in Liverpool – was not opened until 1904.

這樣的增長不同尋常,其成因直接與Waterhouse最為珍視的信條之一衝突。他一直認為,事務所的合夥關係不應擴展到倫敦以外的地方。對於將事務所的名號用於倫敦“總所”不能控制的業務上面的做法他一直疑心重重。相比設立新的分所,他更願意分派助理人員到外地執業,以確保事務所的執業準則和道德規範得到統一的貫徹執行。在美國開設的代表處是個例外,它至少意味著難得的機遇。不過,Waterhouse的政策在英國延續了十多年,普華(PW)在倫敦之外的首個英國分所 - 位於利物浦 - 就一直到了1904年才成立。雖然你拒絕了我,但我還是深深地為你著迷…… - maxpayne0594 - Call of Duty

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